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Stitchet is a family owned and operated business founded by myself, Julio Paniagua. My family has been involved in the embroidery world since childhood as it is a passion and hobby of my Mother’s. After decades of happy customers, I, along with my wife, twin brother and a couple of friends took a leap and created this business based on my Mother’s expertise and knowledge and my late Father’s dedicated work ethic that was instilled in us at an early age. Family is our foundation and we pledge to treat every customer that way.


At Stitchet we offer Embroidery Services in two main divisions:
Based in Davis, California, we serve and ship to any part of the United States and many other Countries.
Stitchet takes advantage of quality and technology and therefore we use the best embroidery and design software to operate our industrial embroidery machines as well as shipping logistics to offer you great and quick service. We take pride in our quality, dedication and excellent customer service. You will most certainly not be disappointed in your purchase.


Our current bath line offers women of all ages a beautiful, customized, full-size, hotel quality bath towel personalized with their name in our uniquely designed original floral font. The design is fantastic for multiple occasions and it really was designed for any age such as baby shower gifts, birthday presents, beach towels, wedding gifts and more! To view our bath towel options click here.
Our font was modeled after my Mother’s design and what she embroidered by hand more than twenty years ago. We made some minor modifications and upgraded the design into digital format suitable for industrial embroidery machines. It truly is an original piece of art made with love. To preview our current floral alphabet click here.


Our logo division offers custom embroidery options to businesses, teams, organizations or even for events and allows a logo to be showcased on shirts, sweatshirts, bags/totes, and many other garments or accessories. Either for employees, team members or just giveaways, we offer high-end products.

The sense of belonging is key for us, therefore we understand that showing either a name or company logo, or both needs to be done professionally and we have that covered. We can do custom embroidery for:

 - T-Shirts  - Nurse Uniforms
 - Sweatshirts & Fleece  - Doctor Coats
 - Polos & Knits  - Lab Coats
 - Woven Shirts  - School Uniforms
 - Soft Shell Vests  - Aprons
 - Safety Vests  - Bags & Totes
 - Hats
Our system is simple, effective and online so you have a pleasant experience with us. Nevertheless, communication is essential and key to custom orders. We do not offer “free” digitizing (the process of creating a graphic file suitable for industrial embroidery machines). We want to be clear on that. We do provide you with a unique quote that is custom tailored to your needs and can assure you that it will be a professional design. Our prices are competitive and directly proportional with the size and complexity of the logo. To more efficiently understand our order process we have laid it out visually here


Quick Production and Shipping
We understand life goes faster than we think and customers need their orders quick. Our apparel customization logo division offers very quick production windows. However, depending on demand we seldom have to but sometimes have to adjust our production times accordingly.

High Quality Materials
Our threads are 100% polyester, bleach resistant, and colorfast.

Excellent Customer Service
Staff available 10 hours per day with response times within 24 hours or less.

Sample Proofs
We offer a sample of your logo on fabric and will send you a picture of it for final approval. We do not guarantee using the exact same fabric of the job but we will show a realistic sample of how your logo is going to look. Upon request we will mail you the sample for verification.

We offer discounts for bulk orders and for verified non-profit organizations for most of our products. Please ask us about that in your inquiry or request for quote.


Per request from our customers, in the coming months we will start to add in new customizable products such as towel options for boys and baby clothes. As we grow, we will expand more and more products and will update you along the way. Check back often for updates.


Please visit our FAQs page for more info.